We have an unparalleled depth of both business and technology expertise, as well as breadth of knowledge that allows us to address complex problems. ​ ​

We have developed tools, methods and best practices based on years of experience within our sector focus. ​ ​

We value our reputation for high professional standards and are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality of service.​ ​

Market Sectors​

TGG works with clients in a number of market sectors with a strategic focus on Aerospace & Defence (A&D) & Pharmaceutical Companies​. ​

Best of Breed Technology used​

TGG consultants typically have 25+ years of experience working with market-leading software solutions such as SAP, Oracle, and Digital Adoption Platforms. In addition we have leveraged our own extensive industry and consulting knowledge to solve client problems through the development of a number of our own business applications (Asset Refresh, P3M Maturity Model, Training Management Tool)​.

How We Work

TGG is characterised by the energy and enthusiasm of our highly experienced consultants and partners. We pride ourselves on understanding our clients’ problems, understanding the consequences and delivering the optimum solutions.​ ​

We have a number of mantras that help define us as a company, and help ensure our 100% client retention record.

  1. “What does success look like for you in x months?” allowing TGG to put a traceability matrix in place showing how our products/deliverables map to this success.​
  2. Similarly, “What is the problem or opportunity, the consequence of this and hence the options to overcome or achieve?”​ ​

We deliver business benefits and have a no-nonsense approach to implementing change.​ ​

We aim to add value to our clients and partners businesses on day one of every engagement.​

​Our way of working facilitates the building long-term relationships with our clients, which are mutually beneficial to our clients and TGG.​

We are, first and foremost, a consulting practice that works collaboratively to support all of our partners and stakeholders in support of their business goals.​

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