Who needs a learning platform?

A learning platform is your key to highly engaged, effectively trained employees and a collaborative working space for the modern company. In every industry, institution, organization or government entity, continuous learning is important and should be a crucial part of the daily activities. As your workforce is the backbone of your organization, well-trained employees have an impact on the productivity and success of your company.


Course & Content Management

With the LMS365 course creator and learning module builder, creating content becomes an easy and simple task. Drag and drop elements from PowerPoint, Word, Microsoft Stream when creating courses, or add your premade SCORM and AICC packages.

Multiple Course Types

LMS365 offers various course types such as e-learning or classroom courses, blended training and webinars. This makes it easier to customize your training to fit your organization and different learning styles.

Engaging User Experience

Engaging your learners is a key element in an effective learning strategy. With a personalized dashboard, leaderboards and certificates, LMS365 helps you make learning an engaging experience for all learners in your organization.

Tracking & Reporting

Track learner progress and transform your data into vibrant, comprehensible visuals with Microsoft Power BI. Analyze your data to improve learner experience or ensure employees are compliant with the most recent rules and regulations.

Training Plans

Organize your courses into training plans that includes prerequisites to help learners follow the correct learning path. This ensures that learners have completed and understood the necessary training before moving on.

Mobile App

Being able to take learning on the go is no longer just nice to have but a necessity for most organizations. With the intuitive LMS365 app accessing learning activities have never been more convenient – learn from anywhere, at anytime on any device.

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