Empowering the process

IT departments will have a Strategy for implementing software throughout the organisation.  This strategy will be aligned to a corresponding business strategy.  This is to ensure IT enables its workforce to both efficiently and cost effectively perform their roles.

Establishing an Application Governance Board is essential for controlling applications and versioning on the network. Doing this will supplement the business intelligence provided through your strategic SAM solution.

Why do companies fail to see the value of an Application Governance Board?

Large companies tend to look at software acquisition and licence assignment as a low-cost single entity activity.  They do not see the challenge that develops over time.

The application estate continues to grow and costs increase that IT do not associate with software.  A consequence of this is an increase in support overheads, which ultimately increases cost.

Application packaging for future hardware refresh projects also becomes a challenge.

Scope of activities

The scope of an application board should cover the following,

  • Application owner management.
  • Creation & maintenance of a Definitive Application List (DAL).
  • Approval of new applications onto the DAL.
  • Management of licence deployment.
  • Ensuring regulatory compliance is maintained.
  • The value of a governance board for application deployment is not appreciated.
  • The governance board are not empowered by the business.
  • The scope of activities is not understood.
  • Business buy in is not attained.
  • Funding responsibility is not agreed.
  • Application proliferation is out of control.
  • Business units ignore the board and costs increase.
  • Important activities are missed due to misunderstanding the scope.
  • An underfunded board will fail to execute all responsibilities.
How can TGG help your business?

At TGG we utilize our experience to assist our clients in creating processes, principles and tools.  Establishing these will ensure the organisation does not revert to an uncontrolled state.

We aim to help you,

  • Empower the Application Governance Board.
  • Implement the policies and procedures required to support SAM.
  • Implement a change management plan to communicate the changes to the business and end users.
Software Asset Management (SAM)

SAM is often overlooked and undervalued by IT/IS functions due to misconceptions about cost, complexity and misguided confidence in existing data assets that have little to no business intelligence providing a true reflection of the application estate.

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Global PC Update (Microsoft EverGreen)

The impact to a business of the move by Microsoft to an EverGreen approach with updates has been largely underestimated.  Many of our clients work in industries that are heavily governed by regulatory compliance, for instance, GxP in the Pharmaceutical industry.

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Hardware Refresh

Any type of device refresh requires a high level of stakeholder engagement to ensure success criteria is met for all areas of the business, rather than meeting only what IT department see as success.

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Intelligent Client Function

TGG offer an Intelligent Client Function (ICF) which places our Project Management, Assurance, Governance, Compliance & SAM services at the heart of the four main deployment activities detailed above and places your IT department in a position to exceed year on year, as well as driving out cost savings.

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