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After reading the previous Infrastructure & Applications sections about Software Asset Management (SAM), Application Governance Board (WAGB), Global PC Updates (GPCU) & Hardware Deployments, you will realise an affinity exists between them all.

TGG have the framework and expertise to operate at the central point providing the necessary tools, technique and processes to deliver what success looks like to our clients’.

TGG Programme/Project Managers have decades of experience working as Infrastructure Architects, Application Architects, Data Architects, Technical Design Authorities & Technical Leads. Not only is the team experienced in Technical design, configuration and implementation, they have also worked across multiple industries including Aerospace & Defence (A&D), Government, both locally and centrally, Pharmaceuticals, Marine, Retail and Finance. Our team is highly qualified to meet our client’s expectations and deliver what success look like to you.

What is even better about ICF, is that it is a modular service, you the client can pick and choose which subset of the service you’d like to implement.

TGG can help you by providing centralised planning, quality assurance and control for all of your infrastructure projects. Let us assess your Maturity level or assist you creating an IT delivery framework that works for you, not against you.


Software Asset Management (SAM)

SAM is often overlooked and undervalued by IT/IS functions due to misconceptions about cost, complexity and misguided confidence in existing data assets that have little to no business intelligence providing a true reflection of the application estate.

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Global PC Update (Microsoft EverGreen)

The impact to a business of the move by Microsoft to an EverGreen approach with updates has been largely underestimated.  Many of our clients work in industries that are heavily governed by regulatory compliance, for instance, GxP in the Pharmaceutical industry.

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Hardware Refresh

Any type of device refresh requires a high level of stakeholder engagement to ensure success criteria is met for all areas of the business, rather than meeting only what IT department see as success.

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Application Governance (WAGB & DAL)

Every IT/IS function will have an overreaching IT Strategy covering both Infrastructure and Applications; however, in TGG’s experience, governance of the latter is generally either unstructured and without authority or missing altogether.

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